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Free Worldwide Shipping

Our money back guarantee on all rug purchases:
To ensure complete satisfaction, we allow our U.S. Customers to experience any rug in their home for up to three days. We understand that each rug purchase is an investment that you’ll be living with for many years. Although we provide photographs and descriptions for each item, no computer monitor or picture can accurately do justice to the beauty of a fine rug. After we receive full payment for the rug that interests you, we will ship it anywhere in the continental United States free of charge. This free shipping offer applies to retail purchases of one individual rug only.

Once you receive the item, you may live with it and observe the quality, color, rich texture and sumptuous design first hand. If, for any reason, you decide the rug is not for you, you may return it within three days for a full refund. In this case, you will be responsible for both return shipping & insurance. We are happy to provide quotes for these costs upon request.