Naturalist Scene Vintage Scandinavian Kilim Rug 49537


Size: 5 ft 9 in x 8 ft (1.75 m x 2.44 m)

Breathtaking Naturalist Scene Vintage Scandinavian Kilim Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Scandinavia Rug, Circa Date: Mid – 20th Century – This unique vintage Scandinavian rug is truly unique. Its earthy chocolate brown tones and gorgeous colors of brilliant orange and sandy yellow give its image an appearance of multiple dimensions. Simply put, this flat woven kilim rug is a fascinating textile art piece that showcases the weaver’s powerful artistic skill and brilliance.

Tall white birds with orange legs, possibly Great White Egrets, are the most obvious objects. These beautiful white birds really standout in stark contrast with the darker brown background. Their lanky figures are illuminated by the sandy yellow patches that are reminiscent of the tribal antique Persian Bakshaish rug designs, on which they stand. These patches are unique artistic additions since, at first, they appear to be either thatch or sand, but on closer inspection, they could also be reflections of the setting sun. This fascinating multidimensional quality, however, is just the beginning.

A large light brown colored tree occupies much of the vintage mid century rug’s facade. Reminiscent of the tree of life design, this tree serves as an agent of mother nature and provides a nurturing home, shelter and source of food for the beautiful birds. A place where they may come back to visit and raise their little ones until they are strong enough to make the annual migratory trip back to where they spend their summer months. This fine balance between constancy and variation creates a visual impression that is rarely matched or seen.

Like a great painting or perhaps a wall hanging tapestry, this rug’s illustration is a skillful representation of a masterful artist’s ability to capture reality in a convincing, interesting and realistic way — in this case, with some fabric and a mind full of clever and creative ideas. This breathtaking vintage Scandinavian Kilim rug is a riveting piece that could be used as a magnificent wall hanging art piece or as a decorative rug to enhance your room’s interior decor. Regardless of the application, it is sure to add a distinct sense of beauty to any setting.

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