Beautiful Modern Savonnerie rugs from France

Savonnerie rugs represent a manufacturing method that rose to high popularity in the mid 17th century and continued to be a significant technique for producing highly valuable tapestries well into the early 19th century. Even though the Savonnerie manufacturing method was used in other regions, it is mostly seen in pieces that originated in France. During the construction of a Savonnerie rug, the maker will often use different thread types – sometimes wool and sometimes silk – to add visual relief. This technique allows for impressive depth and an almost illusory design profile.

This process of using different thread fabrics as a way to enhance the rugs design has been replicated in more contemporary rugs that are often called “Savonnerie inspired”. This does not necessarily mean that the rug was produced in France, just that its method of manufacture is closely related to the Savonnerie method.

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