Modern Decorative Persian Sultanabad Rug 41173


This modern Sultanabad-style rug depicts an elegant earth-tone arabesque with dramatic bifurcated peduncles and delicate floral motifs set over an ecru background.


8 ft 9 in (2.67 m)


11 ft 7 in (3.53 m)

Modern Persian Sultanabad Rug, Country of Origin: Persian, Circa: Contemporary / Recently Woven – Rendered in an antiqued palette of Persian blue, oxidized red and ecru, this modern Sultanabad-style rug features a traditional arabesque rendered in a stately selection of soft colors. The ornate field depicts an exquisite arabesque with delicate vine scrolls, bifurcated peduncles, finely serrated palmettes and a field of dainty blossoms that are carefully outlined in contrasting colors. Arching vine scrolls create an elegant array of secondary patterns arranged in a sophisticated symmetric composition. Lush floral borders decorated with elaborate rosettes, floriferous vine scrolls and flamboyant palmettes enclose the elegant ecru field along with dainty floral guard bands that continue the stately triad of traditional colors.

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