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Oushak rugs are Turkish in origin and incorporate a specific suite of designs hailing from Uşak, Turkey, a relatively large town located in Western Anatolia. Traditionally, Oushak rugs were considered ‘Anatolian Rugs’, a moniker meaning ‘land of the rising sun’. Oushak rugs appeared relatively late in the chronology of Oriental rugs. They can be often located in works of Renaissance art, because they were imported in large numbers by European tradesmen, where they found homes in cathedrals, churches, and in the estates of only the wealthiest and most powerful at the time.

Most of the 19th century weavers who pioneered the Modern Oushak design techniques were located in towns that were geographically positioned outside of Usak. Probably the most commonly seen technique found in Oushak rugs is the reliance on larger knots – sometimes yielding less than thirty knots per square inch. Another hallmark of Modern Oushak rugs is their all-wool foundation. The unique, tribal aesthetic eventually combined with a design type known as “Smyra” to create a synergy of two styles now simply known as late 19th- or early 20th-century Oushak.

Oushak rugs are renown for the luxurious, luminous wool fibers that constitute them. The dyes found in Oushak rugs contain variations of cinnamon, earth tones, golden yellows, greens, lush blues, ivory, and deep grays.

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