An Extensive Collection of Modern Needlepoint Rugs From Europe

Rugs created using the needlepoint method differ from more traditional rugs in that instead of weaving fibers, the maker stitches through a stiff canvas that has openings located at regular intervals. This canvas acts as a kind of unifying foundation that holds the overall piece together. The threading used for needlepoint rugs can be wool, silk, cotton or some combination thereof. The design pattern for needlepoint rugs are typically hand-painted or otherwise printed onto the canvas itself, to serve as a kind of guide for whomever is doing the stitching.

A unique feature of needlepoint rugs is the use of the stiff canvas itself as a component of the overall design. Often times sections of the rug are left unstitched or are lightly stitched, so that the canvas acts as a kind of backdrop for the fabrics used in the stitches themselves. Needlepoint rugs tend to be slightly thinner than rugs made using other methods, however the designs appear crisper, cleaner and more contrasted. Further, the texture of a needlepoint rug will be smoother to the touch and more resilient to flattening or matting.

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