Room Size Modern Turkish Rug With Persian Tabriz Design 41229

Price: $8,800.00

| Size: 9 ft 11 in x 13 ft 3 in (3.02 m x 4.04 m)Print

This elegant area rug woven in Turkey features a traditional Tabriz-style latticework pattern woven in a delicate palette of earth-toned colors.

Room Size Modern Turkish Rug with Persian Tabriz Design, Country Of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Newly Made / Modern RugĀ – Charming borders decorated with a series of cascading floral vines and parallel branches frame the camel-colored field of this latticework Turkish carpet. A delicate arabesque with flowing floral chains and prominent palmettes linked by a latticework grid form an elegant all-over pattern borrowed from carpet weavers in Tabriz.

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