Modern Contemporary Gallery Size Sultanabad Rug 44684


Fabulous arabesques comprised of grand palmettes and gently arching vinescrolls decorate the soft ivory field of this contemporary Sultanabad-style rug from Egypt.


7 ft (2.13 m)


16 ft 4 in (4.98 m)

Sultanabad-style Rug, Egypt, Contemporary – Here is an appealing and exciting modern carpet – a Sultanabad style carpet, woven in Egypt toward the end of the twentieth century, or during the early years of the twenty-first. Unique for a modern carpet, this compelling example attempts to communicate an important antique Persian rug style in its contemporary threads. Woven in the perennially popular Sultanabad style, contemporary Egyptian rug is an intriguing and beautiful composition. Polychromatic saz leaves, squiggling tendrils, grand palmettes with flame-like petals, and medallions with an arthropodan structure create a gently colored Sultanabad-style arabesque that adorns the clear ivory field. Flaxen yellow borders feature grand palmettes with flame-like petals that mirror the decorative motifs used within the field. Created in Egypt, this contemporary Sultanabad-style rug features an understated color scheme, including a naturalistic combination of ivory, sage green, ecru and sienna brown that creates a sophisticated statement. The beautiful selection of chic colors complements the open composition and gently unfurling vinescrolls that decorate the pristine ivory field of this contemporary Sultanabad-style rug.

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