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The term Aubusson refers to a specific kind of manufacturing method used to create tapestries that were popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. The method itself probably has its origins in central France, however its adoption quickly became pervasive throughout Europe and as far east as China.

The original Aubusson method for creating tapestries relied on wood engravings as the source of the design. What makes this style of rug so unique is its incorporation of complex shading and more lifelike forms depicting birds, bouquets and wreath motifs. Because of its feature-rich detail and stunningly realistic depictions, rugs of the Aubusson variety blur the line between art suitable for display on a wall and a rug more appropriate for placement on the floor.

Because Aubusson refers more to the crafting method than the color palette or adherence to geometry, stylistic differences between different Aubusson pieces can vary quite widely. Even considering this, a trained eye can determine if a rug was created using the Aubusson method or not.

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