Ivory Vintage Isfahan Persian Rug 51165


Size: 5 ft x 7 ft 7 in (1.52 m x 2.31 m)

Beautiful Ivory Vintage Isfahan Persian Rug 51165, Knots Per Square Inch KPSI: 600, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century РLike so many other brilliant vintage Persian Isfahan rugs, details abound in this masterpiece, and the weaver expertly establishes a tremendous degree of detail through precise weaving and elemental arrangement. A bold compilation of red, white and blue in the central medallion that splays over the ivory background of this beautiful vintage Persian rug. Gentle arabesques describe this bright shape, which cradles an eight-pointed star lined with stark black on a scarlet field. Floral decorations crowd the centerpiece and fill the sunny space to add vivacity, soft fronds curling around a variety of blossoms. Like lapping water, lacy blue corners balance the warmth of the vintage rug, this effect furthered by the wide red border and its botanical design.

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