Modern Persian Kilim Rug 60080


Size: 3 ft 2 in x 6 ft 1 in (0.97 m x 1.85 m)

Beautiful Small Modern Persian Flat Weave Rug. Country of Origin: Modern Persian / Circa Date: Modern – This one-of-a-kind rug features strips than run along its width. It looks great for modern and classic home and office designs. The multicolored patterns make the rug look appealing and make it the centerpiece in an otherwise dull design. However, the artists made most of the stripes neutral in color for homes that already have bright colors and are looking for a way to harmonize the colors for a great look. The stripes are not block colored and their edges look rough. This textured look and feel adds to rug’s beauty and makes the colors flow all over the carpet.

Like other kilim rugs, this rug sports a flat weave style where the warps and wefts form the naps on the rag to create a great look and keep the rugs soft on all sides. Under the feet, the rug feels soft and smooth.

It is rendered in so many colors including red, blue, black, purple, gray magenta, yellow, and shades of brown, to create a great look for modern and classic interior designs. Each piece features durable wool construction that not only makes the rug smooth and soft, but also enhances the natural feel of the rug. With a quarter-inch thickness, the rug is a great addition to a room in need of beauty or warmth. The material is also naturally tough, resists dirt, and resists flames.

It takes months to create the sophisticated look on this rug. The rough-edged stripes follow no specific pattern, and this means that one doesn’t have to struggle matching the patterns to the existing décor at home or in the office.

Kilim rugs are great at shape retention. No matter the traffic, the pile will always rise, thanks to the wool construction and the flat weave design of the rugs. The rug will, therefore, work perfectly in an entryway as it will in a living room or bedroom. Thanks to the soft feel of the rug on all sides, it can be used for other purposes besides on the floor. Anyone who loves the patterns can use it as a wall hanging or as covers for seats. The running colored stripes will create a vintage look in a modern home.

These designer-quality pieces are made by hand using time-honored techniques. Weavers in this remote region excel at creating minimalist designs and transitional patterns, so many Nepal rugs have contemporary compositions that work well in today’s homes. Modern Nepal rugs are luxurious, stylish and surprisingly accessible.

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