Modern Silk Rugs

Fine Luxurious Contemporary Modern Silk Area Rugs

Nothing says luxury like beautifully crafted silk rugs. Silk is a wonderful material to work with and especially to weave rugs with. It can be spun far more tightly than cotton or wool which, in turn, enables the carpet weaver to create far more interictally rendered patterns and designs. The antique silk rugs are considered to be some of the most collectible, rare as well as most beautiful rugs in the world. The weaving quality and intricacy of the silk rug design can be seen in our collection of modern vintage Persian silk rugs as well.

Modern Silk Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Silk Rugs

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In our collection of modern silk area rugs, you will see some captivating and artistic modern rugs. The designs of our modern artistic silk area rugs draw upon historical pieces for inspiration. But these modern contemporary silk rugs are given a more up to date twist by our rug weaving artisans. Therefore, in this modern silk carpet collection, you can expect to see a wide array of rug patterns. Some of these are rug designs that might draw on the tribal aspects of Caucasian rugs for inspiration, while others may feature patterns that we see in Persian rugs, Chinese rugs and others may be completely original creations.

This modern silk rug collection is comprised of one of a kind rugs. Each piece was carefully crafted and meticulously created to ensure that these high end rugs are some of the best rugs available anywhere.

If you are looking for unique, artistic, one of a kind rug, then our modern silk area rug collection offers a great opportunity. Please note that due to the sophistication behind the creation of these magnificent silk rugs, they really cant be re created perfectly. While we can create very close and similar pieces, we cant custom make these rugs 100% in any size color and shape.

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