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Geometric Blue NYC Rug 91086151 by Nazmiyal NYC

Geometric Blue Power Loomed NYC Rug 91086151


Size: 7 ft 10 in x 9 ft 10 in (2.39 m x 3 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Currently, the following sizes are also available in stock:

2’0″x2’11” – $100 ( Contact to purchase )

2’7″x9’10” – $450 ( Contact to purchase )

5’3″x7’7″ – $700 ( Contact to purchase )

8’10″x11’10” – $1,750 ( Contact to purchase )

9’10″x13’10” – $2,300 ( Contact to purchase )

A Beautiful Geometric Blue Power Loomed NYC Rug / Country of Origin: Turkey/ Circa Date: Modern Rug – New York City is a metropolis that is filled with beautiful sights, sounds, and textures everywhere you look. This rug from our NYC Collection captures the essence of this East Coast-style perfectly through its colors and designs. It has an urban and edgy feel but also one that is soft and refined.

The range of greys and blues used in this rug is on the gentler side of the spectrum. It has a feel that is upscale and refined, resembling a piece of modern abstract art. It can be used to add a touch of color and texture to a room of neutrals, or it can be the inspiration for bolder colors within the space. The combination of greys and blues has a calming feel that is perfect for transforming your space into a restful sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The carpet looks as though an artist used oil colors and a palette knife to create an abstract design on canvas. The piece plays with color and light in a way that creates three-dimensional texture. It is reminiscent of textured concrete, which brings an element of the outside to the indoor space. This rug is versatile and will allow you to let your unique urban style shine through.

All rugs in this collection are machine made with a power loom. The materials are durable and will last for many years to come. These rugs are made in Turkey, relying on centuries of experience in creating some of the most beautiful carpets in the world. This rug is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. New York-style is fashion-forward and trendy, which makes a versatile, high-quality piece an essential. The look of this rug can easily be transformed with the addition of a few accessories without the need to make a major rug or furniture purchase to get a brand-new look. This makes it both beautiful and practical.

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