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Light Blue Beige Boutique Rug 94082249 by Nazmiyal NYC

Light Blue Beige Power Loomed Boutique Rug 94082249


Size: 8 ft 10 in x 11 ft 10 in (2.69 m x 3.61 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Currently, the following sizes are also available in stock:

2’0″x2’11” – $150 ( Contact to purchase )

2’7″x9’10” – $600 ( Contact to purchase )

5’3″x7’7″ – $950 ( Contact to purchase )

7’10″x9’10” – $1,800 ( Contact to purchase )

9’10″x13’10” – $3,200 ( Contact to purchase )

A Beautiful Light Blue Beige Power Loomed Boutique Rug / Country of Origin: Turkey/ Circa Date: Modern Rug – Neutral tones are popular this year for their ability to create a space that is calm and inviting. This gorgeous machine-made, power-loomed rug from Turkey is the perfect addition to a range of contemporary styles. It uses soft greys, light blue, and beige to create a neutral palette that is soothing and balanced.

The Boutique Collection rug also has an ultramodern feel and would be perfect for an urban Industrial style. However, it is also versatile enough to serve as a base for a more traditional contemporary or even a Bohemian style. It all depends on how you accessorize it to make your personality stand out in the space.

Many interior designers are choosing neutral rugs, sofas, and chairs because it is possible to change up the look of the space by changing only a few accessories. This rug would be the perfect piece to use as a way to catch the natural light in the room or perhaps support a few contrasts such as deep greens or natural yellows. This rug tends towards the lighter side of the spectrum, which will allow it to catch the natural light and make the space appear larger.

This would be the perfect modern rug for defining a functional area in an open floor plan room. As you can see, this beautiful rug holds many possibilities, and its use is only limited by your imagination. Turkish rugmakers have a long history of creating carpets that are both beautiful and durable. They once created the rugs that covered the halls of the Royal Courts. Now, they bring their talent and skill to create masterpieces that are the perfect addition to almost any space. This rug is the beginning of something beautiful in your office or home.

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