Grey Background Modern Turkish Oushak Rug 60427


Size: 6 ft 2 in x 9 ft 8 in (1.88 m x 2.95 m)

Beautiful Grey Background Modern Turkish Oushak Rug. Country of Origin: Turkey / Circa Date: Modern – Grays are the foundation of today’s modern color palette when you want to create a feeling that is cozy and inviting. In today’s world, it is more important than ever to create a space in your home for relaxation and getting away from the outside world. As more of us spend more time in our homes, it is important to create a space that is enjoyable and makes us feel uplifted.

The color palette of this modern Oushak rug and beautiful floral designs give this area rug a natural, organic feel that is like bringing a fresh splash of nature into the indoor space. Earth tones and furniture with curved shapes bring a warm and inviting feel to any home decor. While neutrals remain the go-to for creating a calm and relaxing space, designers are adding interest by bringing in other colors through the room. This Turkish rug gives you plenty of inspiration with its brilliant blues, spicy reds, and colors of a field of flowers in full bloom.

The warm and inviting feeling of the space will be enhanced by adding basketry, elements made from natural woods, and creating layers of color throughout the space. You could also use the soft grey Oushak rug to tone down a more dynamic room design to create a feeling of calm and serenity. Geometric and tribal shapes are expanding beyond their traditional use in Boho chic and Eco-Chic designs.

Adding a touch of tribal flavor to a more formal room design can give it a casual feel and create the perfect sanctuary for relaxation. This modern rug is a beautiful piece of abstract art that will add charm to an industrial space, or it could easily blend into traditional furniture styles. It adds a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette to give the room vibrancy and energy. This design reflects ancient traditions, but it does so in a way that is modern and refreshing.

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