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Green Grid NYC Rug 91027626 by Nazmiyal NYC

Green Grid Power Loomed NYC Rug 91027626

Size: 7 ft 10 in x 9 ft 10 in (2.39 m x 3 m)

Currently, the following sizes are also available in stock:

2’0″x2’11” – $100 ( Contact to purchase )

2’7″x9’10” – $450 ( Contact to purchase )

5’3″x7’7″ – $700 ( Contact to purchase )

8’10″x11’10” – $1,750 ( Contact to purchase )

9’10″x13’10” – $2,300 ( Contact to purchase )

A Beautiful Green Grid Power Loomed NYC Rug / Country of Origin: Turkey/ Circa Date: Modern Rug – This gorgeous neutral grey style captures the essence of New York City in a way that is refined and modern. New York City is a perfect mixture of tree-lined streets, green spaces, and the built world of concrete and glass. This intersection of man’s relationship with the natural world is one of the defining elements of New York architecture and interior design. We are proud to offer this piece from our modern NYC Collection.

The neutral tones of this rug blend together in a way that is reminiscent of natural stone, but it also looks like aged concrete. Regardless of how you see the design, it opens a wide range of design possibilities. You can play up its more natural side with accessories and furniture that feature natural materials and exotic woods. It would make the perfect base for plants and baskets.

You could also play up its more modern, urban side, too. In a minimalist room, it will add texture without adding too much color. It would complement modern or retro-style furniture with simple forms and lines. It adds a solid foundation for furniture that has plenty of open spaces underneath. Mixed metals within the same space, or metals and natural woods are popular styles that give the space an updated look. This rug would be the perfect touch in rooms that feature these latest design trends.

Rugs from the NYC Collection are versatile. They are made in Turkey using modern machine techniques and a power loom. The designs are artistic and original, demonstrating an artistic eye that has been honed through several centuries of Turkish rug making tradition. The materials are durable and soft. You can order this rug in several different sizes. This is a versatile piece that captures an East Coast style that is always fresh and ever changing.

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