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Charcoal Grey Los Angeles Rug 92090269 by Nazmiyal NYC

Charcoal Grey Power Loomed Los Angeles Rug 92090269

Size: 7 ft 10 in x 9 ft 10 in (2.39 m x 3 m)

Currently, the following sizes are also available in stock:

2’0″x2’11” – $250 ( Contact to purchase )

5’3″x7’7″ – $1,500 ( Contact to purchase )

8’10″x11’10” – $3,950 ( Contact to purchase )

9’10″x14′ – $5,800 ( Contact to purchase )

11’10″x15’0″ – $7,400 ( Contact to purchase )

A Beautiful Charcoal Grey Power Loomed Los Angeles Rug / Country of Origin: Turkey/ Circa Date: Modern Rug – LA style is about self-expression and the discovery of something new around every corner. Whether your style is edgy or soft and natural, LA interior design is all about expressing your unique personality throughout the space. Nazmiyal’s LA Collection is about expressing your own personal style.

One of the popular trends in SoCal is using a simple color combination of white, black, greys, and natural woods throughout the space. When paired with sophisticated leather furniture and modern accents, this piece takes on a look that is luxurious and sophisticated. This rug is the perfect piece for adding a softer grey to the look.

It would also make the perfect piece for an office dominated by steel and glass. Southern California is considered a mecca for mid-century modern design. This was true both in the mid-20th century and in more recent times. This style dominates much of the architecture in certain areas of LA.

If you have a mid-century modern home, this rug will give it an updated and contemporary look. It would be the perfect foundation for mid-century modern furniture that has open space underneath that will show off the texture and subtle color changes of the rug.

This power loomed rug is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. It was made in Turkey by machine using a power loom. This rug gives you the flexibility to transform many different interior styles and to complement popular architecture styles in the LA area. It is a piece of modern artwork that will bring the design a little more down to earth in homes with high vaulted ceilings. It is also the perfect piece for an ultra-modern design, too. This rug is versatile and is the perfect piece for a range of popular architectural styles to give you a look that is completely LA.

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