Square Modern Geometric Swedish Inspired Flat Woven Area Rug 60898

Size: 12 ft x 12 ft 1 in (3.66 m x 3.68 m)

Square Modern Geometric Swedish Inspired Flat Woven Area Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – This gorgeous modern Swedish inspired kilim rug is perfect for your retro or ultramodern space. Mid century modern styles honored the intersection of the man-made world and the natural one. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Arne Jacobsen captured these elements and their architectural styles. Mid century modern furniture designers followed suit with pieces that included minimalist legs and simple geometric forms. you would often find curved and angular pieces in the same space, or even in the same piece of furniture or rug.

This beautiful modern rug from India reflects the man-made world in its squares, rectangles, and contrasting stripes. The artist incorporated a feeling of the natural world in the combination of elements that seem to evolve organically along the length of the modern flat weave rug. The gentle rug colors create a balanced and harmonious feel. Blue and gray are the colors chosen when interior designers want to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere in the space.

This is a square shape area rug that allows it to fit into a range of design styles where defining a functional space is an important artistic element. You could use this soft geometric kilim rug to define a conversation area or formal dining area. You could replicate the angular features of the rug for a more modern look, or you could add a round table in ebony for a mid century feel. Adding in a few natural wood pieces would complete an authentic vintage or specifically Scandi interior decor look.

This is a gorgeous piece, that is a reflection of the iconic vintage Scandinavian rugs, adds an updated and fresh look to your contemporary decor. If you want to create a vintage feel, this is the perfect piece that captures the essence of Swedish modern design. The colors of this modern Swedish inspired flat woven area rug are gentle, allowing it to add a cozy atmosphere to the space.

With many finding themselves needs to create space in their homes for a dedicated office, this soft blue color area rug would create the perfect space for productivity and creativity. It is a beautiful vintage Swedish inspired modern rug that draws inspiration from classic design elements but in a way that creates a fresh and modern look in the space.

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