Fish Design Modern Swedish Inspired Flat Woven Area Rug 60899


Size: 8 ft 2 in x 10 ft (2.49 m x 3.05 m)

This rug can be ordered in any standard or custom sizes.

Currently, the following sizes are also available in stock:

60924 – 9.02 x 11.11 – $9, 250 ( Contact to purchase )

Fish Design Modern Swedish Inspired Flat Woven Area Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – This beautiful, whimsical modern rug was inspired by the magnificent rugs by Swedish designers. The essential concept embraced by mid-century modern designs and designers was honoring the connection between the world built by man and its intersection with the natural world. The result was artistic creations that are both a piece of modern artwork and have a simple, minimalist feel.

Vintage masterpieces were often placed in the center of the room as a focal point. They served as a piece of artwork for the floor. Now, many of these same furniture styles are once again being recreated, only in a way that is updated and fresh. This modern area rug that was woven in India would be perfect for a room are furniture that features simple, geometric shapes and minimalist design.

The design concept highlights the contrast between the natural world and the man-made one by infusing the naturally spaced fish motifs against a watery background that uses angular shapes instead of circular ones. The modern flat weave area rug has gentle movement and flows to create a calming feel in the space.

Blue is a color that can create a sense of calm and peace. Being in nature evokes a feeling of serenity that interior designers try to capture by bringing in elements that reflect the natural world and being outdoors. This beautiful kilim rug is like having a small reflecting pool that could be used to create a place for conversation or enjoying relaxation with family and friends.

This is an imaginative design that could be used in a range of contemporary styles. You could use it to add an element of surprise to an Asian-inspired room, you could also use it in a room of retro furniture with minimalist legs and open space underneath and naturally it would look perfectly at home in any Scandi inspired interior design space. This is a charming Swedish inspired fish design rug that will add personality to any room of your home, office, or home office. It harks back to the iconic vintage Scandinavian rugs and is a piece that is bound to make you smile every time you walk into the room.

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