17th Century Animal Design Modern Silk Rug 60964


Size: 8 ft 8 in x 12 ft 1 in (2.64 m x 3.68 m)

Beautiful 17th Century Animal Design Modern Silk Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – This modern silk rug, that was based off the iconic Persian rugs of the 17th century, elevates rug making to an art form. At first glance you might think it really is really a 17th century rug. Areas are effectively faded and created to look like 400 years worth of wear and tear and sun fading. But this is actually a modern area rug from India and not even 10 years old. The pattern is reminiscent of the amazing tapestries and animal rugs of the Middle Ages.

The theme of this modern rug is more about a garden or expansive field filled with wondrous creatures frolicking and coexisting among the beautiful flowers. It is harmonious in its use of colors and in its many different animals and plants depicted throughout. If you look very closely you can see patterns that resemble a spotted deer, plumed birds of paradise, other animals who seem to be engaged in a hunt, and lots more. These animals are placed in, and repeated in, key areas of the silk rug.

The modern silk area rug boasts and fascinating array of carefully selected and placed colors. The carpet dyes were purposefully faded and changed throughout which creates the faded feeling of the truly antique rugs that this one was based off of. As a decorative or even as an accent piece, this modern silk rug can bring all the color and vitality to the room in which it is placed.

It will go well with furniture of nearly any color, making it a decorator’s dream. As a modern Indian silk one-of-a-kind-rug, its beauty and craftsmanship far exceed any price you could place on it. It would make an excellent grand foyer rug or the perfect addition to a living room or sitting room. If nothing else, this modern area rug will definitely provide hours of conversation as you and your family or guests examine the aged look and feel of the rug to see what you can discover that was previously overlooked.

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