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Modern Material Rug 32431256 by Nazmiyal NYC
Pattern of Material Rug 32431256 by Nazmiyal NYC
Details of Material Rug 32431256 by Nazmiyal NYC
Detail of Material Rug 32431256 by Nazmiyal NYC
Close Up of Material Rug 32431256 by Nazmiyal NYC

Natural World Riverbed Inspired Material Rug 32431256

Size: 9 ft x 12 ft (2.74 m x 3.66 m)
Origin: India Rugs

This rug can be ordered in any standard or custom sizes.

Currently, the following sizes are also available in stock:

8×10 – $5,500.00 ( Contact to purchase )

10×14 – $9,500.00 ( Contact to purchase )

A Beautiful Natural World “Material Rug” That Was Inspired by a Riverbed / Country of Origin: India / Circa Date: Modern  – Nature is the inspiration for contemporary designs. Bringing elements that evoke the natural world to the interior design is a trend that continues to gain momentum. This gorgeous rug from the Material Rug Collection was inspired by a riverbed. You can see the rippling water with its eddies swirling over the rocks. The artist created the reflection of light as it dances across the water.

This piece is an abstract design that uses a range of warm colors, cool colors, and neutrals that is balanced and composed. The reds of the stones contrast with the blue of the water. The entire piece has an organic flow and movement throughout. The artist recreated the way the water interacts with light and riverbed brilliantly.

In the past, carpets were often an afterthought in the design. Now, statement pieces are the inspiration for the furniture and accessories in the room. Interior colors that are inspired by nature are making headlines this year. Blues, spicy reds, and neutrals reminiscent of stone are in the palettes of contemporary design. This carpet would be the perfect match for today’s’ nature-inspired color trends and décor.

This magnificent work of art would be the perfect piece for a room with watery blues and neutrals. In a neutral room, this rug adds a vibrant, saturated color to create a focal point in the room. The colors of the carpet are the inspiration for color choices in accessories and furniture.

The overall color scheme has a light and airy feel, with lighter colors and midtones dominating the area of the rug. This would be a perfect match for minimalist furniture that will allow this rug to be the main attraction.

This modern rug has an ultra-modern look that would make the perfect companion to a room with clean lines, steel, and glass. In an open-plan room, it will define the space. The carpet is wool and viscose, which are both natural material and eco-friendly. It is a magnificent piece that will allow you to bring the feeling of cool, flowing waters into your interior.

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