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Modern Swedish Kilim Rug 49050 by Nazmiyal
Modern Swedish Kilim Rug 49050 by Nazmiyal

Small Square Size Modern Swedish Scandinavian Inspired Kilim Rug 49050

$640.00 $495.00

Size: 3 ft x 3 ft 7 in (0.91 m x 1.09 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Kilim Rugs

Swedish Inspired Kilim Modern Rug #49050, Country of origin: India, Circa Date: Modern – Nothing adds warmth and coziness to modern Scandinavian decor like a Kilim rug. This small scatter size rug with bold stripes is the perfect accent area rug for Swedish inspired minimalist rooms. It features neutral borders with beautifully blended neutral tones in subtle blues, grays, and rusts. The rug pairs well with either warm or cool colors for a classic modern look.

The rug features both weft faced and warp faced patterns drawing the eye both upwards and outwards to the accent stripes on the edges. Each of the stripes has a different color and there is no pattern to the order in which the colors appear. This gives it an abstract quality characteristic of both mid-century and modern minimalist art.

This is a versatile Scandinavian inspired rug that works as an accent for Eames Era, rustic, modern, minimalist, postmodern, and other décor styles that call for a piece with the ability to direct the eye upwards. This modern contemporary rug would be great on a hardwood floor, or mounted on the wall for gallery-inspired style in your home.

Kilims are durable and often outlast the owner. This square size rug is heirloom quality and something that can be passed on to the generations. It works well as a feature piece, or as part of a textured composition. The versatility of this kilim rug will be sure to inspire the interior decorator in everyone.

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