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Abstract Contemporary Rugs

Abstract Contemporary Rugs for a Fresh Modern Look

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The right carpet is the perfect anchor for a room design. Today’s interior design trends are all about adding layers of color and texture. Our collection of abstract contemporary rugs are the perfect place to start. Let’s see how to use one of these marvelous pieces that can be used to transform your interior.

Using Abstract Contemporary Rugs

If you look back a few decades, one thing that stands out is how the role of the carpeting and rugs have changed. In a retro look , it was all about wall and furniture patterns. You would often find patterned sofas, chairs, and some pretty wild wallpaper patterns. Now, modern interiors have taken a new direction, and the emphasis is on carpets as the foundation of the design.

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Modern interior designers have many options available in rugs that create the perfect spring board from which to build the room design. Contemporary furniture features clean lines and neutral fabrics. Rugs, throw pillows, and other accessories set the tone in the room.

Abstract Contemporary Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Abstract Contemporary Rugs

In modern rooms, the rug adds extra color and texture. Design trends are all about adding layers of texture and surprising pieces to the mix. Carpets are no longer an after-thought in the design process. Sometimes, designers start with the perfect rug and then build the rest of the room using it as inspiration. Here are some tips for using  our abstract contemporary rugs as the foundation for interior design.

  • Take Pictures. The first step to creating the perfect look in your room is the find a rug that inspires you. Next, place it in your room and take lots of pictures to have with you as you shop. Colors look different in different lighting. Having some high-quality pictures of the carpet in your space will help you find items that are the perfect match.
  • Feature the Rug. Furniture placement can highlight the rug and make it the centerpiece of the room. Placing sofas and chairs just off the edge of the rug will highlight the shape and colors of the rug. However, this can make the rug seem like an island and isolated in some spaces. When the furniture is placed on top of the rug, it can make the rug appear to be more integrated into the room design.
  • Reflect the Room Shape. The overall shape of the rug should reflect the shape of the room. A long, narrow carpet goes well in a narrower room. A square carpet should be chosen for a square room. Reflecting the natural dimensions of the room with the carpet will integrate the room design with the architecture.
  • Make A Statement. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with the rug and use it to express your style. Modern rugs are made to be the main attraction of the room, so make sure that you start with the one that is the perfect match for your style and taste.

Contemporary rugs are modern and bold, making them an excellent choice to set the tone of the room. We have the perfect collection for making a statement in your home or office.

About the Materials of Contemporary Abstract Rugs

Nazmiyal is proud to offer our latest collection of contemporary abstract rugs. The carpets look like an abstract painting, only for your floor. They are made from high twist Ghazni wool with silk accents for the perfect texture.

Ghazni wool has qualities that make it suitable for producing some of the softest and durable carpets in the world. Ghazni is a region in Afghanistan that has warm summers and cold winters. For thousands of years, agricultural products, including wool, have been a key industry. The climate in the area supports the production of wools that are both strong and soft to the touch.

Wool from the Ghazni area can be stretched up to 30 percent without breaking. This makes an exceptionally durable carpet. Wool is an excellent insulator and also has sound absorption properties. Also, it will bounce back after being compressed from the legs of furniture.
The strength of Ghazni wool makes it able to be spun into a high twist without breaking. The term “twist” is the number of twists per inch during the spinning process.

This creates a carpet where the cut ends of the carpet will curl over a bit, rather than remaining open and spreading out. This adds to the durability of the carpet and causes it to catch the light differently. It often looks as if it has subtle variations in shade that provide additional depth in the design. These subtle variations are not part of the dyeing process but are created by the way the light hits the fibers at different angles.

High twist Ghazni wool is perfect for creating abstract contemporary rugs. The carpets in our contemporary collection use silk for accents. Silk is also known for its durability and for a sheen that is like no other carpet fiber on earth. The techniques used to create the carpets in this collection support their modern look and crisp yet soft feel.

Classic Carpets for Contemporary Interiors

The carpets in this collection of abstract Contemporary rugs are luxurious and sophisticated. They are created using traditional techniques and materials. Only they have delightfully modern designs, giving these classics a fresh, modern look and feel.

The carpets in this collection are true works of art and look like modern, abstract paintings. They are made with soft colors that subtly shift and blend across the surface, creating a visual impact that makes the perfect complement to modern or ultramodern interior. They add depth and interest, making them the ideal complement for contemporary designs that rely on texture and color as the foundation.

The designs of these carpets spark the imagination and offer the world of contemporary interior design something new and unique. They are soft underfoot, and they are the perfect foundation piece from which to build the look of the room. Their soft colors and textures allow you to choose a color palette that will create the perfect sanctuary for relaxing.

We encourage you to check out the newest pieces in our collection. Perhaps you will find one that will spark the imagination and inspire your next big design idea.

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