Pakistani Rug 46092

Size: 4 ft 9 in x 6 ft 5 in (1.45 m x 1.96 m)

This modern rug from Pakistan features a warm and slightly abrashed wheat-colored field adorned with an abstract series of robust brown and primary color stripes.

Modern, Pakistan, Modern -Drawn in a modern, minimalist manner, this chic rug from Pakistan depicts a restrained and delightfully versatile neutral-colored background that is adorned with a bold yet simplistic pattern of extended stripes that incorporate subtle swerves and abstract details. The charming hues of robust brown, crisp blue, warm persimmon red and tonal yellow are balanced perfectly by the warm and subtly abrashed background. Simplistic stripes form a stark pattern that creates a strong sense of movement that is gently restrained by the expansive and delicately textured background. This modern rug from Pakistan showcases an experimental composition rendered in a combination of warm and wonderfully modern colors.

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