Modern Oushak Pastel Rug 60071

Size: 10 ft 3 in x 14 ft 10 in (3.12 m x 4.52 m)

Fine Modern Oushak Pastel Rug. Country of Origin: Turkey Circa Date: Modern – This modern Oushak pastel rug with variegated colors sports a contemporary style that matches every fashion-forward home. Its timeless Oushak design has a simple twist to accompany any home style in any room and give a great look.

The design represents the rich Iranian culture. Each hand-knotted rug represents the way of life of the Iranians, and takes anywhere between a few months and years to create. The streaks are created perfect by artisans who find inspiration from every day interactions amongst themselves and the environment. To further make the carpets stylish, Iranians use a blend of wool, cotton, and silk (mostly wool and cotton). Artisans use natural dye to create each rug.

The rug sports an abrashed field, showing grayish and brownish streaks that represent the earth and nature. These natural striations create a comfortable modern style with functional versatility. It is a tasteful rug made of hand-knotted wool by artisans whose goals were to create a rug that is one with nature. It is highly stylish with its neutral colors matching the colors of different homes.

Each piece sports a smooth texture in appearance and feel, making it ideal for a modern living room, bedroom, and many other spaces. Rendered in light gray, earth brown, stone gray, beige, and black, the modern rug meets the needs of every modern home succinctly. The use of striations gives the rug a flowing feel that harmonizes the colors in every room. These colors flow along the width of the rug, making it look wider. The artist further ensures that the striations on the rug are faint almost enough to create a block of gray color for a natural feel.

Each hand-knotted Oushak pastel rug features a variety of knots from Persian to Turkish knots to create the smooth flow of the naps. Its naps feel soft on the legs. Besides the soft feel of the naps moving in one direction, the tight construction of the rug makes it long lasting. Each rug will never lose its beauty over the years, thanks to the natural dye and the stellar hand-knotting of the rugs.

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