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Material Rugs Collection: Natural Designs Inspired by Nature

According to popular design magazines and blogs, one of the biggest trends for this year is designs that are inspired by nature. There are many reasons for this trend that we will get into later, but regardless of the reasons, people are drawn to nature-inspired colors and designs. Bringing elements that reflect the natural world into the space is not a new concept, but it is one that is becoming increasingly more important in our modern world.

Modern Material Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Material Rugs

We are proud to introduce our newest collection at Nazmiyal. The “Material Rugs” Collection features earthy, nature-inspired designs that that are reminiscent of rock, sand, lava, trees, water, and other gifts from Mother Nature. This collection will bring the feeling of the natural world indoors and will give the room a fresh and contemporary look. Let’s see what our newest collection has to offer.

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Natural Colors and Organic Designs Are Making Headlines

Colors inspired by nature made headlines during the most recent New York Fashion Week. It was proclaimed that this year marks the dawn of a new era when it comes to color and the intersection between the human-built world and the natural one. Top interior designers are introducing furniture and accessories made from natural materials, or that feature organic curves and shapes. Natural pieces are being used in unexpected ways. Designers are introducing single, natural elements into sleek, minimalist designs to give them interest and a bit of surprise.

According to color style trends from Pantone, Behr, and Sherwin Williams, the most popular colors of the year include earthy hues. Colors such as Living Coral, Back to Nature, Creamy Mushroom, Dragonfly Blue, Cider Spice, Red Pepper, Dusty Lilac, and Meadow Green create a color palette for this year that is approachable and earthy. The nature-inspired colors of this collection will blend in perfectly for a space that is soothing and serene.

The Modern Material Rugs Make The Old New Again

This trend of reflecting the natural world in interior design has been in the works for quite some time, decades, in fact. The idea of blending the world of modern design in a way that was in harmony with the natural surroundings was first introduced by architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Aaron Green.

The idea of incorporating elements of nature into the design never entirely went away through the years. It only continued to gradually transform into something new. Sometimes it reflected the past, but at other times, it presented as something fresh and different.

The most recent transformation in the most recent version of his trend of using designs inspired by the natural world comes as a result of increased environmental awareness and a concern for how our purchase decisions have an impact on the world and our future. This is a design trend that is not going away anytime soon. It is more than just a style trend. It is the embodiment of a new philosophy that is gaining momentum around the globe. This collection is the perfect expression of this emerging world.

Our Modern Material Rugs Bring a Bit of Nature Inside

Science now knows that getting out for a walk in nature can help to reduce blood pressure and reduce stress. Elements that evoke a feeling of being in nature are finding their way into many emerging style trends for homes and businesses. Organic shapes and textures have a calming effect that reconnects us to our roots and makes us feel more grounded and balanced.

That is the reason why we were inspired to bring you the Material Rugs collection. In this collection, you will find pieces that reflect the natural world. Only they give you a different perspective. Imagine looking at the weathered slice of a tree; only it has gentle blue rivulets that create a sense of cool calmness against soft neutrals. Perhaps you would enjoy a piece that has the timeless character of ancient, painted wood, now faded with age. Other pieces in the collection are like shifting sands or gentle waves flowing into shore.

Some pieces are fiery and evoke images of the power of the earth, reminiscent of lava. Others are solid and stable, reminiscent of a rock face or stone. The genius of this collection is that while all of the pieces are a reminder of the natural world, they are abstract and invite you to use your imagination for interpretation. This collection is about the feeling that it evokes as your eyes drift through the organic shapes and colors. These pieces are made to be experienced with all of the senses, not just the eyes.

Natural and Eco-Friendly Rug Fibers

A majority of the pieces in the Modern Rugs collection are made from wool and viscose. This makes them a choice that is eco-friendly, as well as beautiful. Let’s explore these traditional fibers a bit closer.

Wool Rugs

Wool is a traditional material that has been used in carpets for thousands of years. It is a renewable resource because wool continues to grow on the sheep year after year to help them survive harsh winters. Every year, they must be shorn to avoid overheating in the summer and certain diseases. Older varieties of sheep used to shed their wool in the spring, but modern sheep breeds do not. We must shear them to keep them healthy. This means that every year, there is a new batch of wool to be used.

Wool is strong, durable, and has excellent insulating properties. It can be spun into thin threads, and it accepts dye readily. It is the perfect fiber for creating these gorgeous nature-inspired designs.


Viscose was first invented in 1892 as an alternative to silk. It has a sheen similar to silk, and it has many of the same optical properties. Viscose was in wide use by 1905. It produces a fiber that is soft, strong, and that catches the light.

Viscose is created by dissolving plant fibers in a chemical solution, which produces a thin pulpy substance that can be spun into fibers. Almost any type of woody, fibrous plant material can be used. It is often made from fast-growing regenerative trees such as eucalyptus, pine, and beech. It can also be made from bamboo, soy, and sugar cane after the sugar has been processed. It is also made from recycled wood and wood-products, too.

Viscose is made by soaking the fibers in caustic soda, or lye, until the fibers separate. This is the same lye used in the soap making process and in some natural cleaning products. Lye has been around for a while. The recipe was first written down by the Babylonians 4,000 years ago. It involves soaking wood ash from the fire in water. This results in potassium hydroxide, which is a strong base.

This dissolves the binders in the plant fibers and leaves a sticky, fibrous pulp. This is then spun into threads and processed into fabric or yarn for rugs. It is often combined with other fibers, such as wool, in the case of this collection.

The Modern Material Rugs Are Brilliantly Creative and Inspiring

This is one of the most brilliantly creative and inspiring collections that we have had the honor to present. It is a collection that is more than color, shape, and form. It is about our connection to nature. Each piece is a true work of artistry. The rugs are made from durable materials, and they have a soft and luxurious feel. Designers now often begin with the perfect carpet that evokes the feeling that they are trying to convey. They choose the rest of the pieces in the room to complement the rug.

The inspiring pieces in this collection will create a natural and composed feel in any room design from Swedish modern to ultra-modern. In a room filled with plants, natural woods, terracotta, or perhaps a bit of driftwood, these carpets will enhance the natural feel of the room. In a more contemporary room with bold geometric architectural features and hard lines, they will soften it and make it a bit cozier and warmer.

Whether you use them to blend into the design and enhance its elemental attributes or use them as a point of contrast in a contemporary design, these rugs will transform the room into a quiet and peaceful sanctuary. The rugs in this collection will create a focal point in the room and provide a place for your eyes to rest, even though they are filled with gentle colors and patterns. They have a relaxing ebb and flow. The artistry of this collection creates movement in a way that evokes the feeling of being in nature.

We hope that you enjoy this breathtaking collection as much as we do. Explore them as much as you like, and if you happen to find one that brings you that special sense of calm and connection, please feel free to contact our helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.

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