Modern Floral Oushak Rug 60074

Size: 11 ft 10 in x 15 ft 3 in (3.61 m x 4.65 m)

A Decorative and Beautiful Larger Size Modern Casual Floral Oushak Area Rug, Country Where It Was Woven: Turkey, Circa: New / Modern – This large modern floral Oushak features natural earth colors. There is no bright color but neutral and natural earth tones that match the look of different modern homes. The rug is inspired by the environment with the flowers and the colors not assuming any specific patterns. Although it fits a modern home, the neutral color style is classic. It is a great match for homes and offices with a vintage interior or a minimalist modern interior. For home and offices whose interior has many colors, the neutral earth tones will harmonize all the colors.

It is rendered in earth brown, stone grey, and beige; all neutral colors that create harmony in an otherwise busy room. The combinations of these colors create flowers in the c enter of the rug enclosed by beautiful patterns that seem to create a border around the flowered center. The edge of the rug has more floral patterns with a border of its own that gives the rug a frame. The outermost border is a block of earth brown color. Other rectangular borders have small motifs patterns inside with floral patterns in between to create an interesting look that matches the look of any modern interior.

Instead of rigid patterns, the rug has flowing patterns and colors. The artists allow the floral patterns to fall randomly on the field, but still within the borders of the rug to create a beautiful look. Even the small motifs on the borders lack symmetry, and that makes this area rug a wonderful looking decorative item within so many varied modern apartments / homes, regardless of the interior décor. Each floral pattern is intricately designed to match different interior spaces.

This rug is ideal for the living room, bedroom, porch, and any other interior space with modern or vintage design. Every knot is hand-tied to reflect the culture of the weavers. It is a wool rug that fits different homes. Its texture feels smooth and soft under the feet and its colors flow in the presence of other bright or neutral colors.

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