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NYC Urban Rug Collection

Introducing the Modern Chic Urban NYC Rug Collection

We are proud to announce the arrival of the latest in modern, fine rugs to our collection at Nazmiyal. The modern urban NYC rug collection offers a fresh, trendy look that is both contemporary and sophisticated. This collection allows you to express your personal style with soft colors and inspiring designs. They are the authority in urban chic.

Chic and Artistic NYC Rug Collection

The carpets in the NYC rug collection are chic and have an artistry that looks like a soft watercolor. The designs are reminiscent of stone, concrete, or faded mosaics from eras past. They have a feel that is ancient and grounded in both the colors and design. Each one looks as if it is the work of ancient hands delicately holding a brush to canvas. The collection has a timeless feel that is both ancient and ultra-modern at the same time.

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One of the rules for trendy New York City / East Coast interior design in recent years is that there are no rules any longer. Designers emphasize developing your own personal sense of style. Mixing elements is in, and you are no longer limited to having everything match. If you love it, then it should be in your home.

Earthy and Contemporary Urban NYC Rugs

The palette used in the NYC rug collection collection is dominated by grays, browns, ivory, soft rusts, and faded blues. They are the perfect complement to add texture and interest to a room of neutrals and softer hues. Some of them have an almost mystical quality that would make the perfect complement to a Boho chic room. You can also see a hint of the roaring twenties woven throughout the threads in some of the pieces in this collection.

The rugs in this collection are the perfect way to give a tired design a facelift. They have an uplifting feel and emphasize the light in the room. One of the more recent trends that is here to stay is blending the inside space and the outdoor space by bringing elements of nature into the design. The earthy colors and textures of this collection pair well with other natural materials such as natural woods, marble, and stone. If you have an architectural feature that you wish to highlight, these rugs are the perfect way to draw attention to your home’s best features.

Durable and Soft NYC Rug Collection

This collection is machine-made and power-loomed using techniques and materials that are durable. They are soft underfoot and have excellent wear qualities. The colors are fade-resistant, and the rug will look just like new for many years to come.

The rugs in this collection add depth and texture to the design. They are perfect for a contemporary space or to give a traditional space an updated look. The rugs have an ethereal quality that is calm and balanced with just a hint of vintage charm. We invite you to enjoy our latest collection, and if you find a piece that speaks to you, our professional staff will be happy to assist you with your needs.

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