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LA Rug Collection

Explore the West Coast LA Collection of Fine Modern Rugs

West Coast and specifically Los Angeles interior style trends are as casual and laid back as the sunshine and surf gently lapping the shores. Our newest collection at Nazmiyal captures the relaxed feeling and ethnic character of the West Coast beautifully. The modern LA rug collection is earthy and modern, making it the perfect match for your piece of coastal real estate.

LA Rugs – Expressive and Versatile

West Coast trends prove that anything goes when it comes to personal style. The West Coast is about freedom and self-expression. The rugs in this collection express this freedom in their bold, graphic designs, and versatile color palettes. From your favorite faded denim to sun-faded ethnic patterns, this collection is all about staying up with current trends and also having a bit of fun at the same time.

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Neutral colors remain a staple in the world of interior design, but gone are the days of solid grey walls and plain accessories. These rugs add texture and depth to a neutral palette. They can also be used to create dramatic contrast, too. The deep smokey greys add an urban flavor to the designs. Their ethnic undertones also call out to the Boho chic in you, too. Whether your style is ultra modern or free-spirited and eclectic, these rugs allow you to express the real you.

Organic and Free-Spirited

West Coast designers have the advantage of no need to worry about the changing of the seasons. They can bring the freshness of the outdoors inside anytime they choose. The colors of this collection reflect sand, stone, and the colors of your favorite faded denim. These rugs will complement earthy materials and elements throughout the room. They are the perfect touch for an urban studio or a coastal flat.

The West Coast is known to be visionary and creative in everything that they do. The same is true for interior design. It is not unusual to see a formal room broken up by a piece that is more casual and brings down the tone a bit. Juxtaposition and a world of opposites define West Coast style. Delightfully combining two seemingly dissimilar pieces captures West Coast style at its finest. Luxury furniture, paired with a casual rug creates an edgy design that is unique and modern.

Visionary and Urban Rugs

The pieces in this collection are versatile and allow you to bring out your personal style. One thing that can be said about West Coast style is that there is not one particular look that defines it. It is as unique and individual as the people and their beautiful environment. You do not have to be afraid of mixing it up a bit, and the rugs in this collection are the perfect addition to your LA-style home.

The rugs in the LA Collection are expertly machine-made and power-loomed using modern production techniques. The materials are durable and will last for many years to come. The rugs are soft underfoot, and the colors are fade-resistant and will look like new for many years. We invite you to enjoy our latest collection, and if you find the perfect rug for your LA lifestyle, we will be happy to assist you with your needs.

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