Light Color Modern French Savonnerie Design Chinese Rug 44699

Size: 8 ft 1 in x 10 ft (2.46 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: China

Rustic evergreen garlands, botanical swags and delicately shaded pine cones enclose the quaint latticework pattern that decorates this modern Savonile rug.

Modern, Chinese Savonnerie – Here is an exceptional modern, contemporary carpet – a Savonnerie style rug, woven in China in the fine and proud tradition of antique French Savonnerie rugs and carpets. This modern example does a beautiful and effective job of communicating the finer points of this highly desirable and admired antique rug weaving style. Drawn in a bucolic style, this modern Savonile rug features a chic tone-on-tone latticework pattern embellished with soft green leaf fronds and a delicate botanical medallion adorned with a triad of pine cones. The elegant sage-green borders are decorated with sweeping evergreen garlands that feature detailed leaflets, graceful cedar boughs and beautifully shaded pine cones. Linear accents frame the edges of the border creating a dimensional barrier that is breached by delicate branches that make a formal incursion into the creamy ecru field. This tastefully composed and beautifully colored modern Savonile rug displays a subdued color scheme that includes complementary hues of sage green, ecru and chestnut brown. A beautiful carpet, this modern Chinese Savonnerie is an excellent example.

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