Ivory Antique Persian Sultanabad Runner Rug 50412

Size: 5 ft x 19 ft 3 in (1.52 m x 5.87 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Magnificent And Unusual Solid Ivory Color Field Antique Persian Sultanabad Runner Rug, Origin / Weaving Country: Persia, Circa Date: Earlie Part Of The 20th Century – This lengthy antique Persian Sultanabad ha;;way runner rug showcases a center field in an antique ivory shade, its blankness stark against the fanciful borders surrounding it. The innermost band, stitched over that creamy color, features green leaves, red stems and daisy-like flowers. These petaled ornaments shift in color along the distance of the antique Persian Sultanabad runner rug, exhibiting oranges, reds and whites, but they are symmetrical about the center line. This edging is lined with a wider bar comprised of several themed strips, with a slim pattern of triangles outermost. This antique rug features smaller red and white flowers make up the next pair, centered with a wider, orange-backed span with floral details.

Open solid field hallway runner rugs are very rare. Especially the ones that employ lighter color combinations such at this open field antique Persian Sultanabad runner rug. That is why it is far more likely than not that this specific piece was a custom ordered area rug when it was first created. It is obvious that someone wanted this specific rug made just for them and were willing to wait the time and pay the costs associated with creating magnificent custom made area rugs.

For those who are looking for more unusual and more unique antique rugs, this solid Ivory color field antique Persian Sultanabad hallway runner rug would make a wonderful choice. This is the kind of rug that would lighten up, brighten up and warm up even the coldest and darkest of hallways. It is a beautiful example in great overall condition for someone who simply wants something special that no one else has and has the ability to recognize beauty when they see it.

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