Grey Color Modernist Collection Area Rug 172787723

Size: 9 ft 10 in x 14 ft 2 in (3 m x 4.32 m)

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Beautiful Room Size Modernist Collection Rug, Rug Type / Country of Origin: India – Gray has become as much of a design essential as black and white. It is a neutral color that can complement a range of colors and color schemes. In a black and white room, adding gray can add a calming effect and create a place for the eyes to rest. In a room with soft, organic beiges, browns, and greens, gray blends into the background. It creates another color layer, but without becoming overpowering. This gray carpet is essential for adding color and texture to the space.

The design of this modern rug relies on texture more than color for its dramatic design effect. It created using two tones of gray with one darker and one lighter. The darker areas are woven in plain weave, which gives them a lower height than the lighter gray areas. The lighter areas are created using a pile that was allowed to remain longer.

This creates a more dramatic visual contrast in the carpet, as the darker areas appear to be further away, and the lighter areas appear closer. This increases the visual distance between the high and low areas and makes the difference in height appear to be greater.

The modernist collection carpet has an organic feel created by leaving the pile ends natural, giving them a soft appearance. Natural variations in color in both the lighter and darker areas of the carpet also give it a more earthy feel. The artist who created this carpet managed to achieve a feel that is both organic and modern abstract. This is in perfect alignment with modern design trends that represent the relationship between man and the natural world.

In this carpet, the natural world is represented by the organic feel of the long pile and the variation in color. The manmade world is represented by the geometric, linear nature of the design. The artist seems to represent these two worlds even more by dividing the carpet into two sections. The bottom half is weighted towards emphasizing the lines, similar to the steel and concrete built world. The top half favors the organic feel of the long pile. The pile tends to blur the lines created by the built world, giving it a sense of natural flow.

This is a fascinating design that cleverly represents the intersection of two different design philosophies. This carpet goes beyond a piece of floor covering; it is a piece of fine art that will add depth and character to the space. This rug is perfect for creating a modern feel in the room.

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