Gorgeous Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug 71124

Size: 7 ft 1 in x 9 ft 6 in (2.16 m x 2.9 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1910Antique Persian Sultanabad carpets from around the turn of the 20th century are some of the most beautiful and desirable among rug collectors and interior decorators. The antique Persian rugs from Sultanabad have surprisingly contemporary designs, that complement both traditional and modern decor. The designs create a feeling of spaciousness in the room, and their beautiful garden designs are light and airy.

The light cream / ivory color background of this rug highlights a wide range of secondary colors that include pinks, blues, browns, and greens. This color combination is vibrant and will add energy and sophistication to any room design. This antique handmade area rug is a special class that is known as the “ivory” Sultanabads. They are revered for their visual impact and the dramatic effect of the brilliant motifs against a lighter base.

The beautiful antique rugs from Persia are finding their way into a wide range of contemporary design styles. Of course, they are a welcome addition to any traditional or classical decor. They also make the perfect way to add color to a room of contemporary neutral furniture. This antique Sultanabad rug gives you plenty of options for choosing accessory colors throughout the space. It would also make an excellent foundation for an elegant glass top table. This antique room size area rug would blend well with the modern reinterpretations of classic designs that are a part of the Grand Millennial style.

In a larger room, this Persian rug is the perfect size for setting aside a conversation area or creative space for a home office. In an average-size room, it could be used to fill almost the entire space and serve as the central focus of the room design. This Persian rug is a rare find and a special Sultanabad carpet that will make the perfect addition to your collection or interior design.

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