Geometric Cream Modern Boutique Rug 60735

Size: 13 ft x 18 ft (3.96 m x 5.49 m)
Origin: Nepal Rugs

This rug can be ordered in any standard or custom sizes.

Currently, the following sizes are also available in stock:

12 x 15 – $2̶3̶,̶ ̶2̶5̶0  $18, 600 ( Contact to purchase )

10 x 14 – $1̶8̶, 2̶5̶0̶  $14, 600 (Contact to purchase)

9 x 12 – $1̶4̶, 2̶5̶0̶    $11, 400 (Contact to purchase)

8 x 10 – $1̶0̶,̶ ̶2̶5̶0    $8,200  (Contact to purchase)

Charming Geometric Cream Modern Boutique Rug, Country of Origin: Nepal, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous cream colored rug from Nazmiyal’s Modern Boutique Rugs collection will add an artistic touch to any room of your home. It is a piece of modern artwork for your floor that could be used to complement a range of contemporary styles. Today, the rug is often the first piece that designers choose. Then, they add the other pieces to bring out the unique personality of the space.

This magnificent modern area rug uses beautiful, earthy colors with a modern design. The design looks like a close-up macro of a piece of soft textile. The geometric design of this rug from Nepal is the base, but the artist allows it to fade out until it almost disappears into the background. The lines are not perfectly straight, giving them an element of the human touch.

The intersection between the natural and built world is a theme that has become popular in the mid-20th century. Today, we have seen a revival of this design concept, and pieces that reflect this concept are the foundation of modern design. The artist who created this piece masterfully suggests both the modern world and our interaction with the natural world in this work.

The gentle colors of the rug will blend into a space of light neutral tones. It would be a beautiful way to add a touch of color to an all-cream room. In a room of light grays and beiges, this rug will blend in to create a restful feeling in the space. Adding in a few textured cream, gray, and beige throws with lots of texture will create a cozy atmosphere.

The artist used a technique that creates a feeling of softness in the way the design of the rug fades into the background. These soft lines are accentuated by the earthy colors and soft, luxurious pile. This rug is the perfect touch for creating your sanctuary away from the world. It is perfect for any room of the home, and its modern design also makes it perfect for the office. You can choose this rug in a range of sizes that are right for your space and you also custom make the rug in any size as well.

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