Fine Garden Design Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51028

Size: 10 ft 7 in x 15 ft 11 in (3.23 m x 4.85 m)

Breathtaking and Extremely Fine Golestan Design Vintage Tabriz Persian Silk and Wool Pile Area Rug, Knots Per Square Inch: 700, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa / Woven Date: Late 20th Century – Breaking from the norm of creating pattern-centric vintage rugs, this beautiful garden design rug chooses to instead depict scenes of life as framed within traditional classic Persian rug elements. Here, a vibrant variety of colors define the borders as they frame around each other and lead the viewer’s eyes closer towards the center of the fine vintage Persian Tabriz rug.

The core of the masterpiece is expertly arranged to draw attention to the brilliant scenes displayed within. Divided into rows and columns, viewers are free to explore the majesty of each scene as they depict trees, vases, animals, and flowers. Unique colors are chosen for each scene, lending personality to the vintage Persian rug as a whole. This amazing vintage silk and wool pile rug shows incredible color and detail. It consists of series of individual blocks of highly-detailed floral designs.

This captivating and finely woven garden design vintage Persian Tabriz area rug has the overall appearance of an artistic tiled wall. Its highly ornate border complements the intricate design of the field. If you look closely, you will see a variety of plants, trees, and animals. Each one is like a little world and a glimpse into a beautiful garden scene. It is much like strolling through a beautiful summer garden and taking in the various sights that you see along the way. This is a delightful vintage Persian rug with a calming and beautifully rendered design.

The design of the finely woven carpet is only able to be achieved by using a weave of exceptionally high knot count. Silk has the ability to be spun into extremely fine threads that can be used to create designs with breathtaking detail. Silk also takes color beautifully. This vintage garden carpet shows the artistry of a master weaver and highly-skilled craftsmen who worked tirelessly in the creation of this magnificent piece.

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