Fine Antique Nain Persian Tudeshk Rug 72446

Size: 8 ft 6 in x 12 ft 8 in (2.59 m x 3.86 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Nain Rugs

Breathtaking Fine Antique Nain Persian Tudeshk Rug, Country of Origin: Persian, Circa date: 1920 – The opulent gleam and vibrant hues of this fine antique Persian rug beautifully enhance the graceful, sweeping floral motif within this exquisite antique Persian Nain Tudeshk carpet dating back to the 1920’s. Its timeless and delicate Oriental pattern infuses an air of sophistication that effortlessly permeates any space.

Impeccably executed, the floral design at the heart of this luxurious rug exudes precision, imbuing the composition with a sense of equilibrium and formality. The floral theme of the antique Persian Nain rug gracefully extends across the geometric divisions of the field and throughout the primary borders, maintaining meticulous symmetry in both color and design.

The artist behind this masterpiece crafted multiple layers of visual intrigue within the antique Persian Nain rug. Larger floral motifs captivate the viewer’s gaze, emphasizing the medallion’s symmetrical layout, thereby defining the design’s architectural integrity. Upon closer inspection, the artist employed progressively smaller layers of flowers, arranged in formal patterns that impart exquisite detailing, reminiscent of a captivating millefleur effect.

Drawing inspiration from the rich color palette of the Safavid era, this rug bursts forth with magnificent bursts of burgundy, blue, salmon, brown, and ivory. These hues serve as the canvas upon which the artist meticulously brings the design to life, infusing even the tiniest floral patterns with intricate nuances that lend depth and texture to the overall composition.

Crafted from exceptionally high-quality wool, this antique Persian Tudeshk Nain rug shimmers with an elegance that exudes refinement. It serves as the perfect addition to elevate any formal room setting, its sweeping curves and striking colors seamlessly uniting the room’s theme, establishing an arresting focal point.

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