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Our Modernist Collection Rug is the Perfect Centerpiece For Your Fall Decorations

Fall rugs – When it comes to adding modern design elements into your home, what often comes to mind are stark colors and crisp lines with no texture or variation. Times have changed and more and more people are realizing that you can still go for a modern look while incorporating different colors, textures and elements of warmth throughout your space.

Made in India, this beautiful Modernist Collection Rug is the perfect addition to a modern space. The rich, burnt orange weaving contrasted against the cool gray, gives room for a wide range of decorating options.

The burnt orange makes this rug a must have for your fall decoration. It will add feelings of warmth and home, reminiscent of the various colors that autumn has to offer. The raised pile on top of the gray weave allows for a seamless marrying of texture and contour.

This rug is a must have for fall decoration and will go well with various design elements, no matter what your style. Some examples are discussed in this blog.

Nazmiyal Modernist Collection Rug

Modernist Collection Rug.

Pair With A Fall Decoration Centerpiece

An autumn centerpiece full of warm colors of the season with different shades of orange, brown, red, gray, and green. Accompanying fall leaves, berries, and candles will make for a magnificent fall decoration ambiance.

Fall Decoration Centerpiece Nazmiyal

A fall decoration centerpiece in autumn colors can be the perfect piece to accentuate your rug.

Fall Decoration: Warmth in a Cool Room

Within a room comprised of cool colors such as various blues, whites, blacks and grays, this rug offers a pop of warmth, also allowing you to place elements of warm Autumn colors throughout the space.

After everyone is finished with Thanksgiving dinner, add an extra treat by directing everyone to a stack of burnt orange and gray throws, the same color as your new fall rugs. That way while everyone is relaxing by the fireplace or television, they’ll have time to look around and really be in awe of your decorating skills.

The Perfect Fall Decoration Pop in a Monotone Setting

Monotone spaces would provide the perfect background for this rug to pop! If you are into the minimalist look when it comes to décor, this rug will offer one grand pop in an otherwise monotone room, which will only further show off the magnificent detailing of the rug.

For an even bigger shock effect, make all of your dinnerware for Thanksgiving, including the napkins, the same monotone color that is in the room. You’d be surprised how much that one pop of color will add value to your décor.

Fall Decoration Monotone Nazmiyal

Using generally monotone decor in the rest of your home really makes the rug pop.

Texture is Key in Fall Decoration

The construction of the Modernist Collection Rug and its geometric lines allow you to incorporate a mix of different textures and lines within your fall decoration setting. Whether it’s a vase or an abstract, artful centerpiece, this rug will allow a seamless blend once you put it all together.

After this fall, do not be surprised if your house is the go-to place to celebrate the season for years to come! Your new Modernist Collection Rug is the perfect addition to your fall decoration. The diversity of the warm and cool colors along with the varying textures allow you to incorporate this piece into literally any setting of your taste. Not to mention that it is such a unique conversation piece.

Decorating for fall no longer has to be achieved in the predictable sense. You can mesh modern pieces with traditional fall decoration in order to add an entirely new flavor to the holidays, and this new Modernist Collection Rug is just the piece that with combine the two worlds together.

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