Cream Color Modern Distressed Rug 60791

Size: 12 ft 8 in x 19 ft 3 in (3.86 m x 5.87 m)

Charming Cream Color Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous cream and beige modern area rug is from Nazmiyal’s modern distressed rug collection. This rug was woven in Afghanistan and features a classic design that will add texture and a natural feel to the room. The artist created it in a way that makes it appear to have a distressed look that is perfect for a Shabby Chic, country farmhouse, or in a room where you want to give the design an aged appearance.

This is a big size area rug that is suitable for a larger space, such as an open plan studio or office. The cream and beige color palette and minimalist design are perfect for a neutral space with contemporary minimalist furniture. This rug would be perfect for a mid century modern inspired room that features neutral tones and earthy textures. In a neutral room, this modern rug will carry the theme throughout the space. You could give the room design an organic feel by adding plenty of plant materials and by using nature-inspired colors and materials throughout the space.

The lighter color of the rug will make the room look larger, making it perfect for defining a functional area in a larger room. It has a calming feel that is perfect for your home office and creating a space for productivity. This is a rug that will enhance other features of the room and allow them to take center stage while adding depth and texture to the design. This rug is perfect for a living room or larger master bedroom.

One of the more popular trends this year is using a neutral rug and adding other rugs on top of it at various angles to create interest and texture. Antique Persian rugs are the perfect choice for achieving this contemporary layered look. This technique is popular in Boho Chic decor, Maximalist interiors and for a space that uses mixed colors and patterns. This is the perfect rug to use as a foundation for an inspired design that brings out your creativity.

The calming colors of this rug allow you to create a space for relaxing and taking a step back from the outside world. The colors and design allow it is pair with almost any interior design style that you prefer. Whether you are an avid fan of traditional styles or you want to create something modern and contemporary, this rug is the perfect base for the design.

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