Colorful Antique Floral Chinese Embroidery 70651


Size: 2 ft x 5 ft (0.61 m x 1.52 m)
Origin: China

Colorful Antique Floral Chinese Embroidery, Country of Origin: China, Circa date: 1900Chinese embroidery of the early 20th century reflects the refinement and traditions of the Chinese arts that have made them famous for thousands of years. This gorgeous, garden-themed embroidery is perfect for bringing the colors of summer to the indoor space. The colors and intricacy of the work is stunning, and it makes the perfect addition to a range of traditional and contemporary home styles.

The art of Chinese embroidery goes back to the Neolithic age, and over the centuries, it developed into distinctive styles by region. The art of fine embroidery is considered a craft that is undertaken by the aristocracy. While pieces were often created by skilled, local craftsmen, they were commissioned by the wealthy and ruling class. They were often embedded with special meanings in their symbolism and colors. A piece, such as this one, might have been created to mark a special occasion or to be used as a special gift.

The gorgeous floral elements of this piece give it vibrancy and energy that permeates the room and gives it a light feeling. The flowers have an abstract quality that is almost Art Nouveau or Art Deco style. Chinese pieces, such as this one, were found as prominent elements in these traditional room designs. However, its abstract style would also fit well into contemporary interior designs as well.

The Chinese have a rich culture surrounding the meaning of flowers. They are a type of language used to convey feelings and special sentiments. Roses, camellia, azalea, and orchids are often found in Chinese paintings and artwork. Red roses symbolize luck and are given as special gifts for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions to symbolize unity. The purple orchids in this piece symbolize fertility and abundance.

This is a embroidery from China piece with colors that would make it perfect for a Boho-chic room, or for a sunny all-seasons room. It also has a Chinoiserie or Boudoir-style feel. It also has the feel of a modern abstract painting. Regardless of where you decide to place it, this piece of embroidery will create a space that is always fresh and reminiscent of summer abundance and sunshine.

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