Collectible Antique Yomut Central Asian Bag 43929

Size: 1 ft 11 in x 2 ft 3 in (0.58 m x 0.69 m)
Style: Yomut rugs

Woven by the nomadic Yomud tribes, this is a particularly vibrant example of okbash-style rug.

Collectible Antique Yomut Central Asian Bag, Origin: West Turkestanian / Central Asia, Circa Date: Late 19th century – This tribal antique Yomut bag features intense, pure colors, including vibrant Persian blues, along with the classic triangular turrets found on okbash bags produced by Turkmen tribes. The overall pattern consists of auspicious stepped polygons aligned over a number of vertical axes. For durability, okbash storage bags feature a strong cord-wrapped selvage. In this case, the selvage has been dyed and embellished with diagonal stripes that add an extra level of detail.

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