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Buying Durable Rugs

Buying Durable Rugs is an Important Factor In How Rugs Are Made

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Durable Rugs – The issue of rug durability — that is, how long it will last as well as how resistant it will be to wear and tear — is an important factor for you to consider when you’re buying an antique rug.

It should certainly be noted that not all rugs are produced with the same capacity to stand up to prolonged use – it is certainly true that some rugs hold up better over time than others. The relative durability of a piece will depend on several factors – the quality of the wool, the tightness of the weave, and the overall condition of the piece at the time of purchase.

One of the most important factors in determining the durability of a piece is the wool with which with it was woven.

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For example, a rug made from lanolin rich, moist, lustrous, healthy wool will withstand the friction of traffic better than a rug made from dry, brittle, dull wool. However, you should also note that firm rugs that are tightly woven, with a high vertical compression or density of knots, will also stand up better to foot traffic than a floppy, more loosely woven rug — irrespective of the overall quality of the wool.

Antique rugs that are densely woven from fine wool can still be walked on if they have a fair degree of pile intact. But an antique piece with low pile is best used in an area with a lower volume of traffic.

If rug durability is an issue, it is important to ascertain the wool quality, density, and depth of the pile, whatever the age of the rug.

Carefully consider just where it is that your new antique rug is going to be placed, determine the average amount of foot traffic that that particular area sees, and use that information to help you decide whether you are looking for an especially durable rug, or perhaps a piece a little less resistant to wear.

For further information, or for questions about buying durable rugs, consult our Consumer Guide to Buying Oriental Rugs.

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