Blue Background Geometric Design Modern Indian Area Rug 70667

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Size: 6 ft x 9 ft (1.83 m x 2.74 m)

Beautiful Geometric Modern Indian Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: India, Circa Date: Modern – This beautiful, modern brown and blue rug has a style that could reflect traditional tastes, or it could fit into contemporary trends, too. The all-over geometric design of this rug draws inspiration from Indian rugs that were created over 400 years ago. The pattern is reminiscent of the tilework that is found on buildings, such as mosques or the Taj Mahal. It is small enough to make an apartment or smaller space look elegant and refined.

The geometric pattern of the modern rug is executed with precision, which gives it a formal feel. The blue and brown color palette adds to the simplicity of the design, making it the perfect minimalist piece. The colors provide contrast and make the design stand out. It gives equal weight to the design and negative space, creating a sense of balance in the design. This simple palette is on the warm side of the spectrum and will add a feeling of weight to the room design.

The overall feel of the rug from India is grounded and earthy, making it an excellent choice for the foundation of a nature-inspired, Eco Chic design. The motif and floral elements in the border have a tribal flavor that gives it a primitive touch that could easily fit into a Boho Chic design, too. The artist used scale to accentuate the overall design of the rug and to differentiate design elements. This technique allows it to retain a formal quality that is perfect for a traditional room with classic furniture.

Today, combining styles and eras of furniture allows you to create a space that reflects your unique personality. Items that have been found along the journey can be collected into a single space by using a rug, such as this one, to bridge the various design styles. Interior decorators use rugs with simple, classic geometric elements to add balance to the room.

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