What is a rug?

Answering the age old question of what is a rug

What defines something as being a rug?

Sometimes, we take things for granted. The other day someone asked us to explain to them what is a rug. So we figured we would share this basic information with you.

In it’s most basic definition, a rug is a woven fabric that is used to cover a specific area of the floor. This is distinct from the term “carpet”,¬† which is generally but not invariably used to refer to carpeting that extend wall-to-wall, or are fixed to the floor; the difference between a rug and carpet is explained further below. The origins of rugs and carpets are varied, but the method for weaving rugs is largely cross-cultural. For the most part and generally speaking, rugs are made on frames called rug looms.

What is a rug - Nazmiyal
What is a rug?

What makes a rug antique?

Naturally, age is what makes a rug antique. To be able to reference rugs as antique, they would need to be at least 80 years or older. While antique furniture or art needs to be at least 100 years old to be able to use the “antique” precursor attribute, antique rugs need only be 80 year old. This is mostly because of the fact that rugs are used as functional decorative pieces. Since people walk on their antique rugs, there is a great chance that they will not survive as long as antique paintings.

The process of creating a rug

The rug loom is used for constructing the rug foundation and the front facing or pile is created by tying small strips of fabric (wool, cotton or silk) onto the foundation. This process is largely unchanged since it was initially developed in the Near East centuries ago.

The vertical threads of the foundation are referred to as warps, and the horizontal lines are referred to as wefts. While all antique rugs are handmade products, modern rugs may be handmade or machine made; this has no bearing on whether or not the end product is in fact a rug.

Learning What A Rug Is - Nazmiyal
Learning What A Rug Is

The difference between a rug and a carpet

As mentioned above, the terms “rugs” and “carpets” are basically used interchangeably in everyday language – but, traditionally, a carpet is a rug that is bigger than four feet in width and six feet in length while a carpet is a rug that is smaller than those specific measurements. It bears repeating that within the rug industry, these terms are treated differently, but, in everyday parlance, it is perfectly acceptable to use these terms interchangeably.

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