Wednesday Wishlist: Vintage Turkish Kilim 50166

Vintage Turkish Kilim 50166 at Nazmiyal Collection

This Week’s Wednesday Wishlist Rug is a Lovely Vintage Turkish Kilim.

Vintage Turkish Kilim 50166 —  Every Wednesday, The Nazmiyal Collection features one spectacular example of a hand-made vintage or antique rug from its vast catalog. We select each piece based on its aesthetic beauty, conceptual merit, and history. To see how we’d style this week’s selection, check out our Wednesday Wishlist Pinterest board!

Vintage Turkish Kilim 50166 at Nazmiyal Collection
Vintage Turkish Kilim 50166

This week’s Wednesday Wishlist rug is a lovely vintage Turkish kilim! This beautiful vintage rug presents a motif of large alternating geometric medallions of red and pink, each set against a lighter shade of ivory, or ivory-white. These motifs are a version of the “Gol” symbol. Gol is the word for flower in Farsi, also called a floral medallion or rosette. Round gols symbolize celestial bodies like the sun, moon or stars. Smaller geometric shapes appear interspersed between the medallions, and are possibly abstracted botanical motifs. An orange zig-zag border on both ends and crenelated border on the sides give this kilim a rhythmic feel.

Although this rug is from the mid 20th century, the tradition of rug weaving goes back centuries in Turkey. In many ways, the Turkish rugs that were produced in Turkey (formerly the region of Anatolia) were the rugs that started it all. These carpets were among the first wave of antique Oriental carpets to be exported into Europe. The Turkish made rugs were prized commodities and artistically influential pieces. The iconic gols (as seen on this vintage kilim), allover patterns, prayer design rugs and small repeating patterns found on these carpets worked their way into the iconic paintings of the European masters, including Memling, Lotto, Bellini, Holbein and many others.

This flat weave vintage kilim provides a graphic pop of color, and richly historical tribal feel to any interior its included in. Although it’s over 50 years old, this vintage rug’s geometric design and bold hues feel thoroughly modern.

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