Wednesday Wishlist: Vintage Scandinavian Kilim by Ingegerd Silow

This week’s Wishlist Wednesday Rug is a Vintage Scandinavian Kilim by Ingegerd Silow

Vintage Scandinavian Kilim by Ingegerd SilowEvery Wednesday, The Nazmiyal Collection features one spectacular example of a hand-made vintage or antique rug from its vast catalog. We select each piece based on its aesthetic beauty, conceptual merit, and history. To see how we’d style this week’s selection, check out our Wednesday Wishlist Pinterest board!

Vintage Scandinavian Kilim 48148 by Ingegerd Silow, by Nazmiyal
Vintage Scandinavian Kilim 48148, and Portrait of the Weaver, Ingegerd Silow.

This week’s “Wednesday Wishlist” is a lovely vintage Scandinavian kilim by master weaver Ingegerd Silow. Perfect for the season, this rug is inspired by the beauty of leafless winter trees. Although the tree branches in this composition are recognizable, they are geometrically abstracted in a way that is perfectly in line with mid-century Scandinavian design sensibilities. Rendered in a palette of warm burnt umber and ocher, as well as cool shades of charcoal, this piece is at once vibrantly shaded and sophisticatedly neutral.

The weaver, Ingegerd Silow (1916-2005) is internationally known by the design community as a master at her craft. She was deeply involved with social handcraft societies and commercial design firms in the mid-20th century, during the golden-age of Scandinavian design. As a successful designer, Silow developed partnerships with many communal handcraft societies, including the Swedish Arts and Crafts Society, the Handicraft Friends, the Svensk Hemslöjd in Stockholm, the handworkers textile school, and the Stockholm City and the County Arts Association. The artist’s original carpets were also featured at the National Museum in Stockholm, Liljevalchs art gallery and internationally.

Detail, Vintage Scandinavian Kilim 48148 by Ingegerd Silow, at Nazmiyal
Detail, Vintage Scandinavian Kilim 48148 by Ingegerd Silow, at Nazmiyal

Ingegerd Silow is best known for combining her striking sense of color and geometry with the charm of traditional Scandinavian folk patterns and motifs. Her rugs are chic and subtle, but retain an air of whimsy that Scandinavian folk art is known for. This piece, which perfectly demonstrates the marriage of Scandinavian tradition and modern design, would be a lovely addition to any contemporary interior.