Vintage Rugs by the One World Trade Center in New York City

Amazing Vintage Rugs That Belong Anywhere!

One place you haven’t seen vintage rugs are by the One World Trade Center. But just look at these beautiful vintage rugs and tell me that it doesn’t make a stunning addition to the scenery! See why vintage rugs look great in your home, layered on top of each other, and even by famous buildings.

Art Deco Vintage Rugs by One World Trade Center in New York City by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs
The One World Trade Center stands tall in the background while the cellist plays on a vintage Art Deco rug.

The blue and earthy tones in this art deco vintage rug match the iconic building behind it. The blocks of different shades actually look like an abstract version of the landscape! The wood in the cello is highlighted when placed on top of the rug, just imagine how beautiful your wooden furniture would look too.

A beautiful midcentury vintage rug with an abstract art deco design.
A beautiful mid-century vintage art deco rug with an abstract design.

The gorgeous art deco rug draws the viewer’s attention to the use of color and composition. Elegant splashes of yellow throughout the rug bring out the earthy tones in a lush fashion that only art deco rugs can muster.

Styling Vintage Rugs

Vintage art deco rugs like the one above look especially beautiful in mid-century modern interiors. The contemporary colors complement the whimsical and nostalgic furniture, while the soft abstract pattern of the rug creates great layers in the room.

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