Nazmiyal in the News: Vintage Moroccan Rugs on Art Daily

Vintage Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal featured on Art Daily

Read about our previous acquisition of rare Moroccan rugs. 

Vintage Moroccan Rugs Collection at Nazmiyal
Beautiful Moroccan Rug Collection at Nazmiyal Antique Rugs, see the tribal motifs and use of bright hues.

Nazmiyal Collection’s recent addition of over 50 vintage Moroccan rugs has been featured in Art Daily! Vintage Moroccan carpets have become incredibly popular in recent years, because of their chic modern style and variety of design. As the article states,

“In previous years, lovers of these beautiful rugs would have to travel to Morocco or coordinate with foreign dealers in order to shop for these pieces, but thankfully, the Nazmiyal Collection has made acquiring a vintage Moroccan rug attainable for anyone with an internet connection. With over 300 vintage Moroccan rugs currently available by shopping online or by visiting the Nazmiyal Collection showroom in Manhattan, Jason Nazmiyal has made browsing these delightful pieces much more accessible.”

Read the full article onArt Daily.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs in a Home
Vintage Moroccan Rugs in a Home, image by Fun And Food Cafe

Decorating with Moroccan Carpets have become an upcoming trend in home decor, as they pair beautifully with vintage and modern furniture. The bright hues and tribal motifs add color and charm to any home and allow an effortless flow of creativity. These are rugs that you will need at least one of in your home this season.

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