Transforming NYC Studio Apartments by Michael Chen and Kari Anderson

NYC Studio Apartments by Michael Chen and Kari Anderson

Transforming NYC Studio Apartments – Living in New York City sure comes with some serious obstacles whether you’re navigating your way through the stampede of people walking the streets, finding ways to combat the bitter cold of the winter months, or simply to make your living space a space indeed. Modern interior design in major cities all over the world are leaning towards a transformation trend. Interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike are banding together to get the biggest bang out of their buck through innovative design and multipurpose functions for living spaces.

NYC Studio Apartments by Nazmiyal
NYC Studio Apartments

The video below is a prime example of how one can transform their home when space is scarce to an ideal living situation. The average Mahattan apartments, especially the NYC studio apartments,  are about the size of a shoe box. Eric Schneider, whose home is a whopping 450 square feet, which is actually larger on some standards in this city, teamed up with architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects to convert his hovel into a modern ever-changing abode full of multiple purpose modern furniture and storage units.

Schneider’s $250,000 condo with an added $70,000 renovation finalized into a fully calibrated and multi-functional space where a single room, a studio, is now transformed into four “separate” rooms. Modern architects and interior designers are finding ways to capitalize on such small space by hiding larger pieces of furniture into the confines of larger storage units. What makes these NYC apartments so special is their versatility and ability to add room dividers or click other aspects of a home’s need by a simple tug and shift.

Check out the “Origami Apartment”:

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