The World’s Largest Rugs

Written by our very own 10 year old rug expert, Ian Nazmiyal

On August 1, 2007 the world’s largest rug was completed at the size of 60,546 square feet or 5,625 square meters (which is the size of a full soccer field). It took a whole year and a half to finish the rug with the help of 1,200 weavers working from three different villages. The weavers, from Iran, used thirty-eight tons of wool and cotton which created two billion knots. This rug was made for a mosque that is now being constructed in the United Arab Emirates. About half of the money made (estimated at 5.8 million dollars) from the sale of this mammoth rug went to the villagers who wove it.

World's Largest Rug
World’s Largest Rug

In addition to the rug mentioned above, in Nishabour, Iran, Nejad and the Iran Rug Company, made one of the world’s biggest rugs. A loom of fifty meters in width was constructed to weave it and a platform, which hangs five feet above the ground, was custom made for the weavers. This rug is so massive that it requires 60 weavers at once to work on it.

One of the World's Biggest Rugs
One of the World’s Biggest Rugs in Nishabour

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