The Ballroom at the Jane Hotel in NYC

The Ballroom at the Jane Hotel in NYC’s West Village

Let me tell ya’ what boys and girls, it has been quite some time since I have revisited my favorite topic of all time, BARS! If you’ve kept up with Nazmiyal Blog, you are fully aware of my affinity for swanky shindigs and NYC nightlife.

Jane West Village Hotel Ballroom NYC Nazmiyal
Jane West Village Hotel Ballroom NYC

Today’s special shout out goes to the Jane Ballroom, part of The Jane Hotel in the West Village. The Jane Hotel is a serious hot-spot with numerous fashionistas, models, socialites, and the cultural elite.

From the moment you walk into The Jane Hotel, you will be welcomed by a full breadth of nostalgia from the old-time lobby decor to bellhops straight out of the roaring 20’s. After you pass the Disney-inspired folk, just jute around the river bend / corner, and upon entering, you will see an old-fashioned bar straight from your dreams.

The Jane Ballroom itself is a gorgeous space with a blaring fireplace and enough animal hides to scare the entire Central Park Zoo.

The Jane Hotel Ballroom Bar NYC Nazmiyal
The Jane Hotel Ballroom Bar NYC

The Jane Ballroom is full of comfy lounge seating, animal hide rugs, and stuffed jaguars, moose heads, and a plethora of taxidermy. High wing-back chairs, cozy french-inspired settees, and deep sinking velvety couches will let you rest your little tootsies.

The Jane Hotel Bar NYC Nazmiyal
The Jane Hotel Bar NYC

If the comfy couches don’t tickle your fancy, then kick back with your gin and tonic in the midst of a monstrous flame from the beautiful white marbled fireplace that will take you straight to the streets of France. Make sure to check out the Jane Hotel when in the West Village. Cheers!

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